Acting Officiant
Acting Officiant
Make your wedding ceremony extraordinary!

EXTRaordinary wedding ceremonies


Shua Potter creates fresh, contemporary, personalized ceremonies with acting officiant.

Based in Pittsburgh, available internationally.

Shua tells your love story in a beautifully crafted wedding ceremony that screams you.

Hi! Shua Potter here, the Acting Officiant. I’m a Broadway actor, creative writer, cabaret producer, and registered wedding officiant based in Pittsburgh, PA.

Why should you choose me as your wedding officiant? I love connecting with people and being of service. I love performing and telling stories. I love creating memorable moments. And most of all, I love love! If you hire me, your ceremony will be extraordinary.

I officiate all types of weddings for all types of people. If you are two people in love and ready to make the ultimate commitment, I'd love to share in that joy with you as your wedding officiant. Contact me today with your wedding date, and let's create a ceremony you'll never forget.

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Shua made our day so much more fabulous than we could have dreamed.
— Hannah & Zak
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excited to find out more about having shua as your wedding officiant?

Here's how it works.

1. Contact me with the date and location of your wedding plus any questions you might have. If I'm available for booking we'll set up a free FaceTime or Skype meeting to discuss all the details.

2. After the consultation you'll be like "Damn, we need to book him!" and you will.

3. Together we will craft the intimate and customized wedding ceremony of your dreams.

4. I will perform the service as if it were a Broadway show - with clarity, diction, professionalism, and passion.

5. I will sign the marriage license and mail it to the City Clerk on the following business day.



so what's a wedding officiated by shua like?

the perfect wedding starts with the perfect ceremony. which goes something like this...

Picture it: It’s your wedding day. You’ve been planning for months to get every detail just right. You've put in so much effort, and it’s finally time. You want the experience to be momentous. You want to remember it forever. You're about to walk down the aisle, say your vows, and marry your best friend.

The hall looks beautiful. Everyone is dressed to the nines. You see your parents beaming with pride. Your friends are smiling and hugging. Butterflies flutter in your tummy as the music starts.

You walk down the aisle, clasp hands with your love, and the wedding officiant begins the ceremony. As the intimate service unfolds, both you and your guests swell up with emotion. Artfully chosen words and personal anecdotes flow to reflect exactly who you are as a couple. You can hear a pin drop as clear, heartfelt, and theatrical delivery by the officiant sweeps everyone up in the story of your love. Every now and then a joke sprinkled into the service gets the crowd laughing boisterously. You fall deep into your partner's eyes as rings are exchanged. You giggle and throw a silly look or two out at your loved ones. The charming officiant sings a verse of your favorite love song as tears fall softly around the room. The officiant smiles with a twinkle in his eye, takes a deep breath, and pronounces you married. You fold into one another for the first of a million married kisses.



Our friends and family are still talking about Shua’s performance. We struck gold here!!!!
— Kevin & Marco


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Date of Wedding
Shua took what he knew about us and wrote the most beautiful vows that were so unique and perfect. It made our day unforgettable and was really above and beyond our expectations.
— Cyndi & Matt
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