5 Tips on How to Find the Perfect Wedding Officiant

Hello there! I’m Shua Potter from Acting Officiant in Pittsburgh, PA. Finding the perfect wedding officiant for your ceremony is key to a successful wedding. After all, the ceremony is the most important part of the wedding day - it kicks the whole thing off! A fantastic ceremony sets the tone for a killer reception and party. The officiant you choose will make or break your ceremony. So how to find the right one for you?

  1. Decide which type of officiant you want. A religious figure, like a minister or priest, a civil figure, like a justice of the peace or judge, an independent professional who can create a personalized ceremony based on your desires, or a friend or family member who has been recognized by your state to perform a marriage ceremony. 

  2. Seek out some options. Now that you know the type of officiant you’d like, ask for referrals from married friends and family, your coworkers, your wedding planner, and other vendors like the venue or even the caterer. If you want to search online - check out sites like theknot.com where you can find and connect with local officiants and read extensive reviews.

  3. Meet a couple officiants. Connecting with your officiant is super important, and they should feel like a friend. You need to feel comfortable and trust that this person will take pride in telling your love story, show up on time, and do a great job. For convenience, most first-time meetings take place via video chat, so I suggest having a few meetings with hopeful officiants so you can compare and contrast. Ask about their process, what kind of weddings they’ve done before, their favorite or least favorite moments from past weddings, what their ceremonies are like, and of course are they are licensed in your state to legally perform marriages. 

  4. What does a wedding officiant cost? Officiants generally charge anywhere from $300-$650 per ceremony, and pricing varies based on the officiant’s experience and skill set. If they’re charging less than that - beware. I recommend trying to stick to your budget, but the vibe and professionalism of the officiant is most important! Don’t let a couple hundred dollars get in the way of a choosing the best officiant for you.

  5. Always book with a contract. Once you’ve decided on your officiant, make sure there’s a contract signed by both of you including all details pertinent to your ceremony. There’s usually a non-refundable deposit that goes along with contract signing, so be prepared for that. And that’s it! 

Good luck finding the perfect officiant for your big day! For more information about getting married in Pittsburgh by me or my wedding ceremony writing services - check out actingofficiantweddings.com

Happy Wedding!